Rethinking Depression

snow sad face

From Paleoleap.com

Depression might not always be obvious, but it’s very common – and very poorly understood. This week, take a look at two interesting takes on the subject:

  • Obesity is associated with depression, but does that necessarily make weight loss the answer? In people who were obese but otherwise healthy, losing weight actually increased the rate of depressed mood by 300%. Counterintuitive, but it might point to the high psychological cost of achieving and maintaining weight loss in the modern food environment. No word yet if this would apply the same way to people with health problems in addition to obesity.
  • Speaking of depression, here’s an interesting question. Is depression actually a disease? Or is it really just the symptom? And if it is the symptom, could we be doing more harm than good by not addressing the original problem?

Certainly something to think about! On a slightly less heavy note, there’s also plenty of other news in the Paleo world lately:

  • Stress is really the worst of both worlds when it comes to weight loss: it makes you crave more junk, but burn fewer calories. In a new study, women who were stressed out and provided with comfort food had a bigger insulin spike and burned about 100 fewer calories than less-stressed controls who ate the same meal.
  • Can you really afford to commute? And it’s not just about gas prices: what about your health and sanity? How much is it worth to not start your day with a jaw-clenching 45 minutes of rush-hour traffic? If there’s a worse way to start the day, here’s to hoping that nobody ever comes up with it!Safe starches

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